Good night Dune, Good night Lynchland members… – Lynchland – David Lynch – Roland Kermarec


Good night Dune, Good night Lynchland members and Goodbye 2013 !

“Goodnight Dune” by Julia Yu, a sweet children’s version of “Dune”.

Here is how Julia Yu describes her project :

“Goodnight Dune was written and illustrated after I saw an article for Five Sci-Fi Children’s Books on College Humor, linked from a Reddit post which asked for a more fleshed out version of the book. While the original parody art was amazing I decided to stick closer to the original Goodnight Moon structure, using some stylistic elements from the David Lynch movie version of Dune.”

Thanks to Jen Lynch for the link !

Good night Dune, Good night Lynchland members… – Lynchland – David Lynch – Roland Kermarec.

Philly Bricks: Is Philadelphia’s Chinatown Struggling?


Philly Bricks: Is Philadelphia's Chinatown Struggling?

But if you want to claim that gentrification is pushing out Chinese immigrants, you can only consider the part of Chinatown that historically housed immigrants. Callowhill, or Chinatown North, never did. Considering Callowhill is not historically part of Chinatown, you could even make the opposite argument, that Philadelphia’s historic Chinatown is not only winning the war against gentrification, but actually growing.

Interestingly, Tsui even mentions our Chinatown’s deplorable lack of greenspace and the dire need for parks on behalf of its residents. While the Callowhill Neighborhood Association has been advocating for the conversion of the Reading Viaduct into a park, who’s been the park’s most vocal adversary? The PCDC.

Philly Bricks: Is Philadelphia’s Chinatown Struggling?.

Walking the Eraserhood: Broad and Green Streets

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Via Flickr:
“Walking the Eraserhood” represents an ongoing street-level exploration of the Callowhill district and surrounding environs, a sort of virtual walking tour of the neighborhood.

The vibrant, imposing temple owned by Congregation Rodeph Shalom dominates the east side of the street, here. Congregation Rodeph Shalom founded in 1795 is the oldest Ashkenazi congregation in the United States.

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