Things YOU can do – VIADUCTgreene


Things YOU can do – VIADUCTgreene

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Express your interest to Tower Investments, owner of the landmark Inquirer Building, that the City Branch corridor be embraced as the great connective civic asset it is. We’ll all be learning about gaming permits in early 2014.

Express your interest to the Community College of Philadelphia that the City Branch Corridor become part of the College’s Master Plan.

Express your interest to the Department of Planning that the continuous integrity of the City Branch Corridor be maintained, including all air rights.

Express your interest to City of Philadelphia office of the Mayor,  City Planning CommissionDept of Commerce,  Dept of Parks and Recreation that they be supportive of  VIADUCTgreene’s directed goals.

Express your interest to SEPTA that Walking and Bicycles are transit too! All like underutilized corridors deserve special consideration and attention.

Express your interest to the Center City District for holistic over incremental planning and make it’s promised future attempts to create “improvement districts” transparent and inclusive.

Express your interest to the Callowhill Neighborhood Association to look to VIADUCTgreene’s “green the street” initiative ahead of a questionably buildable and fundable “Phase 1″ Rail Park-in-the-sky.

Express your interest to the Parkway Council Foundation, the Fairmount Park Conservancy, and the Philadelphia Art Commission that they be supportive of  VIADUCTgreene’s directed goals.

Express your interest to corporate interests to partner in the ‘Dream VIADUCTgreene Ideas Competition’ and other directed goals.

Express your interest to all the above that any “Cultural Corridor” transit be located along Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and Kelly Drive addressing Philadelphia Museum of Art’s restored and renewed major public entryway hall facing Kelly Drive and the Perelman Building.

Know the Place!  Come on a walk!  Past. Present. Possible!

Things YOU can do – VIADUCTgreene.