Rail Park, Phase One – Viaduct Rail Park

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Hello members, neighbors and friends


As you probably know Phase One of the Rail Park, located in Callowhill, will soon begin construction. The Knight Foundation is a making a significant capital investment in the Viaduct Rail Park and asking for our help . Below is a link to a Knight Foundation survey being managed by Penn Praxis. Please fill it out – it won’t take long ! and please share with residential and business neighbors, condo boards etc.


Philadelphia is the first city to be chosen by the Knight Foundation to explore the ways “civic assets” or parks, libraries and other public spaces can be used to increase integration, build community and economic development and retain residents.  To test this theory, the Knight Foundation is planning to invest significant capital in five sites – Bartram’s Mile, East and West Fairmount Park, Lovett Library and the Viaduct Rail Park.

Callowhill Neighborhood Association