Piet Oudolf. VIADUCTgreene. sidetour Saturday. – VIADUCTgreene


We’ve been clear that Philadelphia isn’t New York and the VIADUCTgreene corridor isn’t about becoming New York’s High Line, as we stated  from our earliest postings. We’ve been clear that we believe that no post-industrial place recreated as civic space speaks so much about its city nearly as much as VIADUCTgreene’s 3-mile corridor speaks about Philadelphia -Past, Present, and Possible, as we say.

Since nearly everyone talks about Philadelphia’s great opportunity as “High Line like,” it’s really fun to make the distinctions while celebrating the similarities. How about wildness?

Piet Oudolf. VIADUCTgreene. sidetour Saturday. – VIADUCTgreene.