CFF: THE WAY TO KEVIN Philadelphia Premiere


Wednesday April 24, 2013, 7:30 PM
THE WAY TO KEVIN Philadelphia Premiere
w/ Filmmakers and subject in attendance.

The documentary THE WAY TO KEVIN focuses upon a year and a half in the life of Philadelphia-born minister/mime/gay urban thug porn star Kevin Mines as he attempts to move beyond acting with the establishment of his own pornography-centric production company.

Kevin, or “Venom” as he’s known in the movies, grew up in impoverished North Philadelphia where he attended church with his mother from a very early age.  He started preaching at the age of 13 and his ministry expanded through numerous singing groups and Christian-themed mime performances.

Kevin was 18 when he realized his sexual preference, his entry into the world of pornography followed shortly thereafter.  Kevin was ostracized from his church once word spread about his new profession yet he remained dedicated to his Christian roots while exhibiting a spirituality and social awareness that continues to touch those around him.

THE WAY TO KEVIN is a celebration of the life of a unique individual and his lively lifestyle.  Viewers are introduced to his loyal family (both symbolic and blood-related), his controlling parent-like manager, and the somewhat strange world of gay pornography where audition sessions include casual orgies and production qualities are as lo-tech as they can get.  The filmmakers succeed in presenting their subject in a fair, almost tender light, a welcome approach in these modern times of exploitative documentary filmmaking.

Advance tix are $10, no refunds or exchanges.

The Cinedelphia Film Festival is a Philly-centric celebration of Philly film running from April 4-27, 2013.

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