Collection Art Swap and Potluck

Public · By Vox Populi



Join us this Tuesday, March 12 at 6pm at Vox Populi for an ART SWAP, POTLOCK DINNER, and MOVIES.

As part of our ongoing exhibition, Collection, which features over 60 works from Vox artist and board members, we’d like to invite you to a very special event related to the themes of the show. Please feel free to bring a dish to share for an informal buffet dinner in the galleries. We will also be screening DVDs, so bring one if you like.

The ART SWAP will be conducted as follows: Bring a work small enough to carry that you would like to trade. Everyone who does will be assigned a number and ownership will be re-assigned in a chance-based drawing. If you don’t get something you like, you can barter with other participants after the drawing.

(via Collection Art Swap and Potluck)