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I moved to #Callowhill knowing it was the dystopic hellscape that inspired #DavidLynch’s nightmares, and hoped to find a muse of my own. But the reality of what it’s become is a wasteland of ample parking and McMansions shoehorned into “artist lofts” no artist could ever dream to afford. Callowhill is puerile sensory deprivation, a place where suburban refugees drive to Target and the rest use “Uber” as a verb. The flip side of Lynch’s #ManInThePlanet – a beautifully scarred face staring out a cracked window to the haunting tune of #InHeaven – today’s Callowhill, callously re-dubbed #SpringArts by developers from somewhere else, is just another tired trope of gentrification. Brunch. Craft beer. Parking lots. Bland, boring, banal…expected. #wheredidalltheweirdosgo

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Source: Wes (@someguyinphilly) • Instagram photos and videos