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Staring down at their phones for fear of talking to a neighbor, waiting for some stranger from Uber to take them anywhere else. That’s #callowhill . This used to be the playground of #artists and #freaks, now it’s #brunch and trikes and #yuppies who couldn’t tell you who #DavidLynch is, let alone how inspired he was by what this place used to be. Yesterday’s paint stained industrial loft is now just a real estate gimmick, “artist loft” just a marketing tool that means the place is big enough for suburban creature comforts. Walls once draped in original works in progress are now covered in mass produced cliches, “Live, Laugh, Love,” #blessed . Lynch once said of the neighborhood, “the fear, insanity, corruption, filth, despair, violence in the air was so beautiful to me.” That beauty’s long gone now, usurped by a neo-urban ideal and a different kind of despair, the desperation to be just like everything else #wheredidthefreaksallgo

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Source: Wes (@someguyinphilly) • Instagram photos and videos