A lot of times developers will come in and just create boxes and insulate exterior walls, and, you know, that’s just not my vision for what loft apartments want to feel like. I mean, I feel like you have these beautiful exterior brick walls that need to be exposed. …there’s a vintage feeling that I get when I walk through the building.

(Develper Eric Blumenfeld, proving he understands  the Divine Lorraine via Divine Hope)

We should welcome Philadelphia’s web of place-ness and the ever-present arguments it spawns as evidence of life. And in those arguments we’ll find stories of places that left behind boring names (the citizens of Flat Rock rejected Bridgewater and Udoravia before adopting the more colorful Manayunk). We’ll find names that simply disappeared, as did Rose of Bath, aka Bathtown, swallowed up by Northern Liberties. And then there were those places simply lost in the mists of time: Goat Hill, Good Intent, Goosetown and Grubtown. But the one thing we know for sure is that each and every one of these places had its following and had its day.

Which is why, when it comes to Philadelphia neighborhood names, we should welcome the idea that after the city’s 20th century decline, less can be more. And our honest embrace of that lesser,as is, Philadelphia is a rare and admirable thing. Which is why we should welcome the idea that the heavily-patinated, “nightmarish post-industrial landscape” along the streets defined by this map to the north of Center City, should be known as “The Eraserhood.”

(via Keeping Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Names Honest)

PhilaMOCA is instituting a CALL FOR ART:  Seeking Sparks-related work from artists that either depicts the brothers Mael or was inspired by their work.  Submissions are due by Friday, September 22.  Submission fee per artwork is $25, no commission will be taken from sales.

PhilaMOCA is also instituting a CALL FOR MUSICIANS:  Local musicians with an admiration for the music of Sparks are encouraged to reach out and reserve their spot in the parade of live Sparks covers.  Deadline for application is Friday, September 22.