Philadelphia trade unions that have kept the Goldtex construction site under siege for the last six months agreed to end their protest after Rep. Bob Brady convened talks last week at the Sheet Metal Workers union hall, developer Michael Pestronk confirmed yesterday.

The Goldtex entrance at 12th and Wood Streets was virtually deserted Monday, for the first time since angry union protesters began gathering there in March in an organized effort to block deliveries and prevent Pestronk’s company from converting the 12-story factory building into rental apartments. Pestronk is trying to break with Philadelphia tradition by employing a mix of union and nonunion workers.

According to his account, the unions agreed during Brady’s peace parley Thursday to drop their demand that he use a fully unionized workforce. In exchange for calling off the protest, Pestronk said that his company, Post Brothers, had promised to encourage its subcontractors to include more card-carrying union members in their crews.

(Full story: Brady negotiates deal to stop union protests at Goldtex construction site)

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[No. This quote was not directed, in any way, toward the Eraserhood. It still applies here in our neighborhood just as well as it applies to the intended target.]

Rumors have been flying that the highly publicized union protest at 12th and Wood Streets may have finally come to an end.

Michael Pestronk, of Post Brothers Apartments, which owns the former Goldtex Building under construction, acknowledged today that they had indeed met with union leadership yesterday, as they have regularly since the start of the protests, and that most rank-and-file members had been pulled from the picket line.

However, Pestronk stopped short of saying that a compromise had been reached.

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