Second Chinatown Tower?

Only six months after the October groundbreaking for the new Chinatown Eastern Tower Community Center project ERASERHOOD has obtained a copy of the artist’s conception for a second tower in the Chinatown North neighborhood. Our source required complete anonymity before agreeing to meet with us. The image, labeled simply, “Callowhill Containment Facility #1,” depicts what looks like an extremely large building planned for a site in the vicinity of 10th and Carlton Streets. (If the scale of the illustration is accurate, this building would be even larger than the Terminal Commerce Building, former headquarters of the Reading Railroad, located at Broad and Callowhill Streets.)

When asked if this was planned as a residential development, our source paused for a moment before answering, “not exactly.” Further queries regarding the purpose of this strange looking building were ignored. The source did admit the document was obtained while serving as an intern for a large law-enforcement agency.

Before fleeing, the source mumbled something about a glass box and somebody named Judy, finishing our interview with the cryptic phrase, “Callowhill isn’t exactly Nightvale, but still…”

Gordon Cole could not be reached for comment.

Rail Park Construction Update, November 2017

Some recent photos from the construction site:

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Source: Rail Park Construction Update, November 2017

PlanPhilly | A new plan for Chinatown

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For years, the area north of the Vine Street Expressway, now most commonly known as Callowhill but considered Chinatown North to many, hosted many small factories and warehouses servicing the historic neighborhood’s many restaurants.

“Connecting Chinatown North to the historic core has always been the challenge for this Chinatown,” said Kathryn E. Wilson, Associate Professor of History at Georgia State University and author of the 2015 book Ethnic Renewal in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. “There was always Chinatown North [of Vine Street], but the expressway really cut off the top part of that community. A lot of what neighborhood planning has done since then is try to bridge that.”

That challenge is different than it used to be. Callowhill is undergoing a renaissance.  The increasing number of old factories and warehouses being converted into condos and apartments,  has led some developers to aspirationally call it “the Loft District.”

Source: PlanPhilly | A new plan for Chinatown

Azavea CEO on Amazon HQ2: ‘A chance for Philly to land this would be fabulous’ – Philly

Azavea CEO Robert Cheetham.

When we wrote about Callowhill as a possible site for Amazon’s HQ2 projectAzavea CEO Robert Cheetham chimed in wearing his other hat: that of board member on the Callowhill Neighborhood Association.

“There is an enormous amount of land that is largely unused and the connections to the rest of the transportation network are stronger than the Navy Yard,” Cheetham wrote on the comments section. “It would be a unique and extraordinary place for their headquarters.”

Of course, we had to hear more, so we caught up with the B-Corp boss at Azavea’s Callowhill HQ (on the 5th floor of 990 Spring Garden) to hear his thoughts on the project that dozens of cities are vying for.

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5 things to know about Philly’s future Rail Park

Atop phase one of the Rail Park construction site between Broad and Noble streets and 11th and Callowhill. CONTRIBUTED TO BILLYPENN.COM BY ROBERT HAKALSKI

Bryan Hanes, designer of the first phase of the Rail Park, likes to think the highly anticipated park will give visitors a glimpse of Philadelphia they’ve never seen before. The same way developments near the rivers have brought residents to places where only industry once stood, the Rail Park will do the same above the ground.

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Here’s what Philly’s Rail Park looks like from above – Curbed Philly

Construction on the Rail Park is ahead of schedule. Photos by Philly by Drone for Lawn and Garden Landscaping

Construction on the Rail Park is shaping up quite nicely, according to these new drone images and videos that captured the train line-turned-future-park from above.

Source: Here’s what Philly’s Rail Park looks like from above – Curbed Philly