Support PhilaMOCA’s Eventual Resurrection

What a long 14 months!

For those not in the know, PhilaMOCA was shut down by the city back in September 2019 with a change in zoning required to reopen.  In January of this year we were granted the special exception for the new zoning and last month we cleared all of the code issues that accompanied the change.  Throughout that long process we invested tens of thousands of dollars upgrading the room, mainly related to fire and safety matters, including fireproof curtains, fire-rated doors, additional egress signs and smoke detectors, and shunt trip safety switches (shuts off the PA and amps when the fire alarm goes off).  We also soundproofed the entryway and 12th Street wall for the benefit of our neighbors.

All of these upgrades wouldn’t have been possible without the financial support of the public who have generously donated to our GoFundMe for the past year.  We’ve been able to survive the pandemic with no income thanks to an EIDL loan, proceeds from Vans’ Foot the Bill program, and merchandise sales including t-shirts and posters.  We’re almost ready for our final CO inspection, but have been waiting over a month now for the final piece of paperwork from the city.  There’s no time estimate on when that will arrive, and due to pandemic restrictions we wouldn’t be able to reopen this year anyway, which is why we’re now turning back to the public to raise funds to cover rent and utilities while we wait things out.

Donations can be made to our GoFundMe page here:
Our Venmo account is also active: @PhilaMOCA

Your help is greatly appreciated!  We plan on returning to a full time schedule with limited capacity once the city allows.  Resurrection is nigh!
Magnet Magazine published a nice update on PhilaMOCA this past week, check it out here:

Despite being closed for the entirety of 2020, PhilaMOCA was named one of the Top 25 Best Galleries & Museums in America of the year by the American Art Awards, article here:
PhilaMOCA t-shirts are available in our Etsy shop:
The limited edition PhilaMOCA Vans, designed by Rodger Binyone, no longer available.
PAST EVENTS Dangerous Ponies : 12/16/11
Credit: Tachyphlaxis Bunny Sigler : 4/16/16
Credit: PhilaMOCA Zola Jesus : 10/3/17
Credit: Markit Aneight Koo Koo Kanga Roo : 11/24/17
Credit: wiskey2000 Ceremony : 12/19/17
Credit: Markit Aneight Matt Ox : 2/3/18
Credit: Feet First Prod Idles : 3/11/18
Credit: Markit Aneight Mdou Moctar : 5/3/18
Credit: Markit Aneight Space Lady : 9/11/18
Credit: Dissenter Works Chris Elliott : 1/5/19
Credit: Bob Sweeney Dead Milkmen : 9/1/19
Credit: Dissenter Works Copyright © 2020 PhilaMOCA, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
PhilaMOCA531 N. 12th StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19123

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