Fundraiser by Eric Bresler : Resurrect PhilaMOCA



Zoning acquired! Big thanks to everyone who wrote letters and showed up to today’s hearing in-person. We’re in the home stretch now, just have to survive the next couple of months and finish up the additions and repairs. I’m uncomfortable asking for additional funds, but we’re not going to be able to open back up without further monetary support. PhilaMOCA currently needs to pay an architect ($300), an electrical engineer ($1300), and an electrician (est. $1500). This is just to have that required shunt switch installed, which has been an ordeal due to the city not having any plans for the building on file, thus we had to start from scratch. Beyond that we’re in need of an additional emergency exit door plus hardware, stage edging, a new snake, and money to cover upcoming inspection fees as well as at least two months’ worth of rent and utilities. Anything beyond that will go towards paint and wall repair. All I can say is thanks for all of your support thus far and I’m doing all I can to resurrect PhilaMOCA.

Source: Fundraiser by Eric Bresler : Resurrect PhilaMOCA