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Anthony Green

From Joyce’s Dublin to Springsteen’s Asbury Park, environments have always had a massive influence on writers and musicians’ creative output. Such is also the case with singer/songwriter Anthony Green’s debut solo release Avalon. Recorded last March over an eight-day period with Green and some friends at his fiancé’s parents’ house in the sleepy beach town of Avalon, New Jersey, the album spans Green’s adolescence and adulthood and shows him at both his most visceral and vulnerable. “We had a short timeline [to record this album] and that’s the way I used to work back in the day; you’d only have three days in the studio so you had to plan out everything and then just go for it,” Green explains. “I’ve been wanting to record these songs for the past two years and this was the perfect time and place to make it happen.”

Although the 26-year-old Green is best known as the lead singer for the Philadelphia-based progressive punk act Circa Survive, he’s also an accomplished instrumentalist in his own right and has been penning the songs that would eventually become Avalon consistently for the past decade. “Some of these songs are brand new, but most of them are really old,” Green explains. “For one of the versions of ‘Dear Child (I’ve Been Dying To Reach You)’ that’s on this record, I wrote the lyrics for it four or five years ago and the music even years before that,” he elaborates, adding that many of these songs were composed while he was still a junior in high school. Although Green initially intended many of these songs to be used in Circa Survive, ultimately he decided that in order to fully realize his artistic vision he would have to tackle these tracks on his own – a decision that was due to communicative issues as much as they were musical.

“I think at the time that I was writing a lot of these songs I wasn’t necessarily able to articulate to [Circa Survive] all the stuff musically I wanted to do with them,” Green explains. “I don’t know chords; I don’t know scales; I can’t talk to anybody about time signatures, so I couldn’t really explain how I wanted these to sound without doing something ridiculous like humming something out that doesn’t make sense to anyone except myself,” he adds. The logistics surrounding the writing and recording process of Avalon allowed Green to present his songs exactly the way he envisioned them, making this album the first true glimpse into the inner workings of Green’s psyche.

However despite the fact this is a “solo” album, that doesn’t mean that these songs are all composed of Green plaintively singing and strumming an acoustic guitar (although songs like “Drugdealer” are beautiful representations of just that). In fact, from the lush, Cure-inspired pop of “Babygirl” to the electronically driven ballad “Springtime Out The Van Window” and the harmonica and keyboard augmented “Slowing Down,” the inventive arrangements on these tracks perfectly complement Green’s distinctive vocal stylings. Then, there’s “Dear Child (I’ve Been Dying To Reach You),” which was the recorded on the West Coast with producer John Feldmann – and, although it has a completely different production value than the rest of the disc, effortlessly fits into the context of the album and is a perfect example of the artistic scope inherent on Avalon.

Although he prefers to allow his lyrics to be open to interpretation instead of laying out exactly what they’re about, Green will admit that every song on this album is related to something that he’s experienced personally over the past ten years, adding that instead of cloaking his message in metaphor and symbolism these songs contain some of the most direct lyrics he’s written to date. “‘She Loves Me So’ is about exactly what you think you feel about love and I wrote ‘Devil’s Song’ after a conversation I had with Saves The Day’s Chris Conley about how much of your soul you put into your music,” Green says about two of his favorite tracks. “I think everyone is always trying to look for what the meaning of everything is and what’s funny to me about these songs is that they’re all so obvious.”

While one might assume that after spending most of the year touring, he’d want to spend some time off relaxing, Green is adamant about constantly writing songs and making them available for his fans whether it’s in the form of Avalon or via demos he circulates on the Internet. “I’m always busy, I’ll be busy all my life; that’s just the way I like it,” he explains with a laugh. “I never liked working hard until I found something that didn’t make me feel like an alien to what I was doing; I think with music and art I belong there and I’m a native so I don’t mind doing it all the time. In fact, I embrace it.” Hopefully you’ll also embrace Avalon as a labor of love that Green has crafted as much for his fans as he has himself, because although it was recorded in scantly over a week on Seven Mile Island, Avalon truly took decades to unfold.

Mat Kerekes

Mat Kerekes of Citizen.

Secret Space

Toledo, OH’s Secret Space has signed to Equal Vision Records and is currently recording their debut full-length with producer Will Yip (Circa Survive, mewithoutYou, Balance & Composure). The trio draws influences from modern indie pop and 90s emo rock and is comprised of vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Dean Tartaglia, bassist Zach Ruetz and drummer Steve Warstler.

“We are striving to make an iconic record,” reveals multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Dean Tartaglia. “Our new songs are as genuine, self-critical and honest as possible.”

“Will completely understands us and has taken our original vision of Secret Space to a whole new universe,” he shares. “In some arrangements, distortion and noise are replaced with space and patience. Saxophone and keyboards will be prominently featured as well. Lyrically, I chose ideas that were simultaneously the most personal to me and the most universal to the people closest to me. Themes include sleep, isolation, change, empowerment, and commitment…and are told through story-like narratives.”

While Secret Space’s debut full-length won’t be released until 2016, the band punctuated their label signing announcement with a simultaneous release of a new self-titled EP. Prior to the new EP, the band had only released two songs – “Stay For A While” and “Standing And Waiting” – as part of a split with The Flats.

“For a band that formed earlier this year, who’s only played a dozen shows, we feel it’s pretty unheard of for our first proper release to be on a label of EVR’s caliber,” says Tartaglia. “We came to the table with four fully-finished, unreleased songs and a dozen new demos, and we’ve felt their respect for the work we’ve been putting in since day one. The three of us feel at home with EVR’s artist-centric mindset and their flexibility to fit our needs!”

Of the new EP he also adds, “The decision to make the EP self-titled was a very conscious one. Having never even played live before we recorded the EP, these recordings were the first moments we discovered our sound as a band, and discovered what the words “Secret Space” meant to us. Endless thanks to Mat Kerekes (Citizen) for producing the EP and the risks he helped us take in finding our sound. He played a huge role in pre-production and re-working the form of a few of the songs, as well. The first time we listened to the EP was the first time we truly heard Secret Space in vibrant color. Lyrically, I am hugely influenced by Elliott Smith; The way in which he takes snapshots of his daily life but makes them relatable to others by using universal language. I can safely say this EP is the first time every word I chose was completely genuine, completely open and honest, with no stone left unturned.”

Though the band is less than a year old, each member has been touring and performing with numerous other bands for years, with Tartaglia making his initial mark as the saxophonist with Detroit rock n soul legends The Sights, who supported Tenacious D on a five-month world tour in 2012. More recently, he held down half of the critically-acclaimed but now defunct bass and drum/heavy-soul duo Silent Lions, which released two EPs under that moniker with Toledo, OH-based label, NAH Collective. He has shared the stage with countless other bands across all genres, including Fitz and The Tantrums, FUN., Foxy Shazam, and many more.

“Our only goal since day one has been to make as much inspired music as possible, and that’s apparent at our live shows and on record. I want everyone who listens to or sees us to relate to each other through these songs,” Tartaglia continues.

“And I would love it if people got the feeling that I get when hearing some of my favorite bands, when they hear our music…the way that some songs give me chills or just completely change my mood,” concludes Ruetz. “I would love to be part of giving that to someone. I think people can always expect a very intense live show from us. We try and keep things very high energy and we really put our all into each and every show.”

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