Eraserhood Forever 2016 ft. Xiu Xiu performing TWIN PEAKS – ERASERHOOD


PhilaMOCA is proud to announce the lineup for the fifth annual David Lynch-themed Eraserhood Forever event, co-presented with R5 Productions. Headlining the event on Saturday, October 1 will be indie/noise-pop stalwarts Xiu Xiu performing their interpretation of the soundtrack to TWIN PEAKS. Opening for Xiu Xiu will be NYC’s urban anti-cowboy Dougie Poole and the event will be hosted, as always, by Ben Velvet.

Originally commissioned by the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art for a 2015 exhibition titled “David Lynch: Between Two Worlds”, Xiu Xiu have since performed their take on the TWIN PEAKS soundtrack at a variety of venues worldwide, but this will be the first time they’ve brought it to Philadelphia.

The music of Twin Peaks is everything that we aspire to as musicians and is everything that we want to listen to as music fans. It is romantic, it is terrifying, it is beautiful, it is unnervingly sexual. The idea of holding the “purity” of the 1950s up to the cold light of a violent moon and exposing the skull beneath the frozen, worried smile has been a stunning influence on us. There is no way that we can recreate Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch’s music as it was originally played. It is too perfect and we could never do its replication justice. Our attempt will be to play the parts of the songs as written—meaning, following the harmony melody but to arrange in the way that it has shaped us as players.

“It’s easy to see parallels between Xiu Xiu and David Lynch—both are challenging, uncompromising artists unafraid of real experimentation or the uneven results that come from it.” – Pitchfork

Non-country singer/songwriter/producer based in New York. His first full length record, ‘Wide Ass Highways”, will be released this fall via Brooklyn-based label JMC Aggregate.

Doors at 7:00 PM, Show at 7:30 PM
Advance tickets are $25, $30 at the door. Tickets go on sale this Friday (5/20) at Noon:

Eraserhood Forever is an annual celebration of all things David Lynch, held in Philadelphia’s “Eraserhood” where Lynch lived as a young PAFA student. It has been well documented that Lynch’s time spent in the neighborhood had a direct influence on his first feature film, ERASERHEAD (1977). The neighborhood has rapidly changed since the first Eraserhood Forever event five years ago and will surely continue to evolve in years to come with the upcoming restorations of the Reading Viaduct and Divine Lorraine Hotel. In the meantime, PhilaMOCA will continue to celebrate the neighborhood’s past with its residents of the present.

531 N. 12th Street
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