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The market for images is complicated. In the US, I tend to sell commercial images. It’s the Europeans who buy photographs as art. This image was shot on Kodak bwxx (a movie film), and developed in Diafine in my darkroom. It’s part of a larger project on David Lynch and Philly’s Eraserhood. When I travel, I take along random sets of work because people like to ask “what do you do.” (Picture is worth a thousand words.) A print of this image went with me to Italy, and an interior designer decided she had to have it. But she wanted it much bigger than the 8×10 I had with me. After much discussion of conversions into metric, she settled on a 24×36 inch print. This is it, right before being packed into a shipping tube for its journey to Rome. She’s right–it looks a lot better huge! #film #filmisnotdead #bwxx #artwork #lynch #davidlynch #eraserhood #philadelphia #philly #diafine #darkroom #trestleinn #35mm

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