Eraserhood Tonight > Bite My Paintings – Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts #PAFADavidLynch

Thursday, October 16, 6 p.m.

“I like to feel that you could bite my paintings. Not to eat them, to hurt them. I like to feel like I’m painting with my teeth.” – David Lynch

David Lynch’s art evokes absurdities, nightmares, strange visions, tense moments, and intense memories. What better meditation on Lynch’s combination of the human body with strange ideas than to throw an art historian at a director of a pathological anatomy museum to see what happens. Enjoy an evening of conversation between Robert Cozzolino, PAFA Senior Curator and Curator of Modern Art, and Robert Hicks, Director of the Mütter Museum, as they take their cue from Lynch’s art to match wits about ideas in art, things not to do with a human body, really, really disturbing narratives, and even pica, or eating things you shouldn’t (including paintings).

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