The Proposition Tent
Public · By Fringearts
    6:30pm until 9:00pm

North 11th and Carlton Streets (near Vox Populi and The Trestle Inn)
The Proposition Tent is a platform for a range of compelling ideas rooted in local Philly neighborhoods and on the international stage. Literally housed in a big red tent, it provides a chance to shake up the format for what an art show can be and who can be in it. The Proposition Tent isn’t just an art show – it is a convivial space for the communication of ideas.

The June thematic is Pizza. As everyone knows, Pizza is a well-loved food with a rich history. For that reason, it is a delicious subject that begs deeper consideration. Artists, thinkers and businesses explore the significance of pizza and offer new ideas. Features work by San Francisco-based artist team Futurefarmers; local artist Salem Collo-Julin; local business Santucci’s Pizza; as well as a statement by Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio, which will be read aloud by Justin Jain.

The Proposition Tent will appear each First Friday from May to July 2013. This monthly one-night-only laboratory and social space features propositions on a theme by four sets of participants: a local artist, an international artist, a local business or non-profit, and the words of a thinker/philosopher. Past theme: Cash Money (May); Upcoming theme: Sweet Lovin’ (July)

This event is FREE!

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