CFF: THE LOST MAN (1969) Special Rare Screening


Friday, April 26, 2013, 7:30 PM
Rare screening of this Philly-shot film with an introduction by Irv Slifkin.

Sidney Poitier, wearing sunglasses with a dour look on his face, stars in this reworking of Carol Reed’s classic Irish Republican Army thriller Odd Man Out.  Here Poitier is Jason Higgs (sounds a little like Tibbs from In the Heat of the Night, doesn’t it?), a cool-as-a-cucumber black revolutionary, who tries to swipe $200,000 from the payroll of a factory reputedly owned by racists.  The heist goes bad when a cop and Higgs are shot, forcing Higgs to try to elude the fuzz in the wilds of North Philly.  In support of his cause are a former partner (Al Freeman, Jr.) and a white widowed social worker (Joanna Shimkus, soon-to-be Mrs. Poitier).  While dodging the law amidst burned-out houses, abandoned cars, unruly foliage, and an ugly rural landscape close to Temple University, it’s revealed that Higgs, in fact, really wants the money to go to the kids of black revolutionaries in prison.

A valuable peek at Philadelphia’s urban blight in the late 1960s, THE LOST MAN is a must-see Philly film.

Advance tix are $10, no refunds or exchanges.

The Cinedelphia Film Festival is a Philly-centric celebration of Philly film running from April 4-27, 2013.

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