Thursday, April 25, 2013, 10:00 PM
BUNYIP THE MOVIE World Premiere!
w/ Director Gavin Hecker in attendance.

Filmed while conducting a scientific research expedition in the expansive outback of Australia, BUNYIP THE MOVIE is engulfed in both prevailing political debate and historic legend.  Funded by a government grant, Dr. Nick Jenson and Bunyip enthusiast Lindsay Farland search the continent far and wide for the elusive and possibly dangerous creature.  Trailing them with camera in hand is a rather eccentric and not always reliable assistant who has been generously bestowed upon the team by the Australian Minister for Environment.  Their journeys take them from the wild forests of Tasmania to the magnificent Ningaloo Reef of Western Australia and what they discover may be more than they ever bargained for.  Dr. Jenson and his team’s efforts to finally prove the existence of the mythical Bunyip is a twisted tale filled with beauty, tragedy, and adventure.

Footage contained in this film was originally never intended to be seen by or distributed openly to the public.  Its release is in large part due to a lawsuit brought forth by the Australian Zoological Society and the Freedom of Information Act.

The soundtrack for BUNYIP THE MOVIE features Philly-area musicians Michael Trillions, The Armchairs, Thom McCarthy, Banned Books, and former Beaver Avenue member Aaron Radder as well as music by The Mattoid.

Advance tix are $10, no refunds or exchanges.

The Cinedelphia Film Festival is a Philly-centric celebration of Philly film running from April 4-27, 2013.

(via CFF: BUNYIP THE MOVIE World Premier)