CFF: POINT BREAK with a live score by Great White Caps


Thursday, April 18, 2013, 8:00 PM
with a live original surf score from Great White Caps

Patrick Swayze is the charismatic Bohdi (One word, Like Cher), leader of a gang of fun loving Buddhist surfers who dress as ex-presidents and rob banks to finance their adrenaline-soaked misadventures.  Keanu Reeves is Johnny (greatest name in cinema history) Utah, square, former college football hero turned FBI agent who goes undercover in the L.A. surf community to catch the gnarly bandits.

When Kathryn (ZERO DARK THIRTY) Bigelow, working at her loosest, directs, and Jim (James Cameron) Cameron produces, action and stunts rule the day.  Highlights include sun kissed surfing footage, jaw dropping skydiving sequences and a truly outstanding foot chase where a dog is used as a projectile weapon.  Whether the movie is like that on purpose (it is) or not, awesomeness abounds. (Chris Ludovici)

In 2011, Bethlehem, PA’s Great White Caps set to work on re-imagining the score to POINT BREAK, the greatest surf/spy/extreme sports/cop drama of all time.  And the (unreasonable?) passion that these four musicians feel for the film is immediately apparent in their live performance.  Montag the Magnificent (lead guitar and instigator) has these words:   “This was a labor of love.  From my first VHS copy of this movie, to the many hungover Sundays catching it on TV, to having now performed in front of this movie well over a hundred times, it never stops being fun.  Simple as that.”

Advance tix are $10, no refunds or exchanges.

The Cinedelphia Film Festival is a Philly-centric celebration of Philly film running from April 4-27, 2013.

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