Truthfully, Girls School Screamers doesn’t resemble Hitchcock (it’s more along the lines of Norman Thaddeus Vane), but does attempt a weirdly straight faced approach to the silly, convoluted story. While the acting is as wooden as an old desk chair left in an over-flowing garbage dump, Finnegan’s script weaves a fairly intricate tale (relatively speaking) revolving around an incestuous, long-dead relationship into what would otherwise be a fairly by the numbers hack n’ slash. While cleavers halve faces and hooks are planted squarely between shoulders, there’s at a least a hint of desire for some kind of “deeper” art. Unfortunately, the lmited budget and marginal amount of talent both in front of and behind the camera transform what maybe could’ve been a C-Grade cult hit into a “so bad it’s good” laugh fest.

(via Cinedelphia Film Festival Review: GIRLS SCHOOL SCREAMERS & BLADES)