Anonymous sources inside Hasbro, current owners of the remaining Reading Railroad infrastructure (along with some former Pennsylvania Railroad, Short Line, and B&O properties in the Philadelphia region) have informed Eraserhood International that David Lynch has just completed a secret transaction leaving him as sole owner of the Reading Viaduct. According to this source, “big changes,” will be coming in the next few months, as a result of this transaction.

“Current plans to make the viaduct into some kind of new-age boardwalk are hopelessly naive,” the source informed us. It seems that Lynch became concerned when he learned of Viaduct Green plans to build a park on the former rail line. “Our client made it clear that he had been using his films in a vain attempt to indirectly inform Philadelphia and the world of the hidden evil buried beneath the viaduct for his entire career. Any sensitive person who has ever walked through the Wood Street tunnel should know this site is the true origin of the concept [Lynch] has often referred to as ‘The Man in the Planet,’ or, more popularly, ‘The Black Lodge.’”

It appears that Lynch has enlisted the aid of multiple demolition companies to “raze the monster, exposing the naked earth beneath to the the elements, hopefully rooting out the evil hidden there.”

It is further rumored that, once the land has been cleaned and sanctified, Lynch plans to open the world’s longest, narrowest mediation center on the site.