you’re going to be kicking yourself if you didn’t attend Miss Rose’s Sexploitation Follies burlesque evening focusing on the films of John Waters. I’ve already covered Miss Rose’s Dario Argento event, which I had a great time at, but the John Waters night put that to shame. Held on February 16th at the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia burlesque performers Miss Rose,Lil’ StephMackenzie Moltov, and Miss Mary Wanna, as well as gentlemen performers Doctor Spookenstien and Mr. Fahrenheit all presented sexy, filthy and thoroughly trashy homages to John Waters’ films. Aly Katz filled the intermissions with some gogo dancing and the Goddess Isis (I think I’m in love) did a wonderfully divine impersonation of Divine as the night’s MC and guided us through a raffle and a John Waters trivia contest. Prizes were courtesy of Viva Video and Ritz at the Bourse. Most photographs here were graciously provided by Claire Horvath, who had a seat up front instead of catcalling from the balcony like me.

(via SATANIC PANDEMONIUM: Miss Rose’s Sexploitation Follies Presents John Waters Themed Burlesque)