North Broad Community Coalition (NBCC)/Casino Presentations

January 14, 2013 Casino Meeting Follow Up

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the meeting on January 14. 
As you probably know CNA is a member of the North Broad Community Coalition (NBCC). CNA representatives attended the  January 15 meeting of the NBCC. 
On February 12, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center  there will be an all day show and tell presentation by the six casino license applicants . It this point we do not know the order of the presentations but we will share the information when we do. This meeting will be for presentations only. There will be no comments or questions on February 12.
Public comments and questions to the State Gaming Commission will take place on two days in mid- late April. As soon as we know those dates we will share the information. Those dates will be the opportunity for any and all citizens to voice concerns.
Callowhill Neighborhood Association

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