Saturday, January 12

Saturday night, there’s the monthly event 8static at PhilaMOCA. It’s $10 for a ticket and a sticker. If I ever have the chance to buy a sticker, I take it, so I’m just giving you the information I would want! The bands performing are Void Vision, Crashfaster, and SSD Engage. There’s a workshop at 7pm, an open mic at 8pm, and the first act of the musicians starts at 9pm. And finally, I made a mistake in last week’s Geekend – Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start is actually playing Saturday night at 8pm at the Union Transfer for $15. So if you missed them last weekend and you were sad about it, fear not! They’re actually playing this weekend.

Sunday, January 13

Finish your night up at PhilaMOCA with two fantastic events. First is the Night Vision performance showcase, art opening, and record release from 7pm-11pm. It’s a “conceptual multimedia collaboration interweaving music, visual art, and performance to explore the polarities between the visible and invisible, the natural and the supernatural; internal experience of gender, senses of heightened awareness, and encounters with spirits of the unseen world.” Performances include Shadow Puppetry by Sean Glass, Drag by Ruby L.L. Voyager, and Animation by You’ll Get Cursed Out There. Tickets are on a sliding scale from $7-$17.

From 9pm-11:30pm, it’s Naked Girls Reading Science Fiction! The girls are completely naked, and they’re reading science fiction. It’s a geek’s dream come true! Not only that, one of the naked ladies is Geekadelphia’s own Allie Harcharek, who is beautiful, lovely, sexy, awesome, and… just amazing. The show is $15 per person or $25 per couples, which is worth it just to see Allie. You also get the host, Miss Rose; returning reader, Hayley Jane; and D20 Burlesque producer and performer, Anja Keister.

(via Geekend Picks: Films @ the Rotunda, 8STATIC, Naked Girls Reading @ PhilaMOCA, & More! | Geekadelphia)