SEPTA spur/ Reading Viaduct Update

On Monday, 11/5 at 10 AM Urban Engineers will have a crew on the SEPTA spur doing preliminary work.

‘We will have a backhoe onsite.  We plan to scrape the ballast and soil in several locations to expose the steel structure.  We will also conduct test pits in the fill portion between 13th and 12th to show the depth and ballast and subsurface strata.
‘Our main focus at the moment is for our structural engineers to evaluate what is needed for the outer support system for the proposed wood walkways that extend on either side of the bridge structures.  They are also looking into the supports for the “amphitheater” wood seating proposed at the jet out past 12th street’ 
Angelo J. Waters, PE, LEED AP | Practice Leader – Environmental Services
Urban Engineers | 530 Walnut Street | Philadelphia, PA 19106

(via Callowhill Neighborhood Association [email protected])