Ostensibly, Pleased to Meet You introduces three new members of the collectively run gallery Napoleon to Philadelphia art lovers. But with a gallery space so intimate and works so disparate, the show feels just as much like a meet-and-greet between foreign objects as it does a salutation to the larger world.

Matt Ziemke’s delicate sculptures stretch shyly off the wall. Fabricated from ceramic, vinyl and wood, his brightly lacquered forms strike an unexpected balance between the handmade and the industrial. Conglomerate No. 2 (2012) fans out in all directions, yet manages to stay poised atop two tiny platforms. Pooling black ceramic paired with orange construction material riffs on oil spills and sites of massive global development; tire-track patterns stamped onto clay; and matchstick-thin scaffolding recall the ground and the structures we build and then leave behind.

Through Aug. 31. Napoleon, 319 N. 11th St. napoleonnapoleon.com