“CHC Takes Over Cafe Lift” review

Philly DIY community artists flung their arts (and crafts) on the walls of Cafe Lift (428 N 13th St) to the delight of coffee chugging patrons. Sean Riley, lead singer of the culinary rock band Brown Rainbow, curated this exhibition that is running the entire month of July.

Show contributor and Tyler School of Art student, Madison Blyler, shared her thoughts on the show at Cafe Lift:

As thriving artists, we all found this opportunity to be a little too good to be true, at least I did.  It’s a liberating feeling to display your artwork outside of the confines of a student setting.  I’m far too used to pasting up my work in a hallway at a house show for kids to look at while they wait to use the bathroom.  The general public and the city are major influences to my work, therefore they should be the ones viewing it.  Sean unofficially named the show a “CHC” show which at first was off putting, however, the particular individuals involved in this give the collective the means of developing it into a broader idea.  The most interesting part of the show is how diverse each artist’s work is, but how cohesively everything works together.  I think I speak for all of us when I say we couldn’t feel luckier to be displaying our work in such a modern and relevant space.

Seeing how July is not yet over; head over to Cafe Lift, grab a cup of coffee and a plate of food and stare upon the walls.

Artists looking to gather together and organize another show, contact me. “CHC Takes Over Your Momma’s Fridge”…this August?