Philadelphia really screwed with David Lynch.

His surreal masterpiece Eraserhead is a “dream of dark and troubling things” that was directly inspired by the director’s time spent living at 13th and Wood Street while attending the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. The cold industrial feel of his neighborhood coupled with the crime and decay that ran rampant through the area during his 1966-70 stay shaped not only his feature debut, but all of the works that came after it. (You can check out a detailed collection of quotes in which Lynch riffs about the City of Brotherly Love here).

These days Lynch’s old hood is experiencing a rebirth. Affectionately nicknamed “The Eraserhood,” the Callowhill area is home for businesses like the revived Trestle Inn and art hubs such as the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Arts. The latter of which is currently planning on paying tribute to Lynch with its “art show of Lynchian proportions” Eraserhood Forever.

(via Eraserhood Forever: David Lynch-Themed Art Show Call for Entries | Geekadelphia)