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What the beginning would have probably looked like.

Whereas some saw no episode 9, I witnessed an hour of television unparalleled in the annals of TV. Here, Lynch has brilliantly deconstructed himself, reverting to a minimalism so minimal as to be bordering on non-exist-ent. This operates in stark contrast to the everything-including-the-kitchen-sink approach of episode 8, instead recalling the sparse but profound work of someone like Bergman. Such a bold artistic move highlights Lynch’s versatility and range.

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The Esoteric Symbolism of Twin Peaks – Zora Burden: Writer, Artist, Poet

David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is a multidimensional, metaphysical, neo-noir drama. It’s a surrealist masterpiece, interwoven with darkly comedic moments of absurdity, juxtaposed against the deceptively serene sentimentality of mid-century Americana and infused with esoteric symbolism.  Twin Peaks was a serial drama created by Mark Frost and David Lynch which aired for two seasons during 1990 to 1991. This award winning series resulted in a cult following and film prequel titled Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992).  David Lynch and Mark Frost not only infused an exhaustive amount of arcane knowledge into the script but also obscure news stories and classic film references.  The series is so informed esoterically, it is considered an initiatory process for mystery schools, of which Agent Cooper becomes an unknowing participant.  The show’s protagonist is FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, who travels to Twin Peaks in the rural Pacific Northwest on special assignment when Laura Palmer is found murdered, similar to a previous murder in Washington. The show presents highly complex worlds within worlds, which overlap and collide, containing dichotomies both obvious and subtle, within a constant flux of dualistic themes. Twin Peaks esoteric symbolism is derived from many sources but with a predominant message- the unification of dualities within and finding balance in nature. Creating this non-duality can be achieved through Taoism and spiritual alchemy. In Taoism and alchemy, our bodies are a microcosm of the cosmos, which contain the Ultimate Truth or Oneness. This truth exists in its purest form within the elements and nature, which alchemists applied to discover perfection within. The necessary process of integration and merging of dualities is personified within Agent Cooper and his investigation throughout the series. Agent Cooper’s shaman-like journey to discover Laura Palmer’s killer and the Lodges, initiates his own dark night of the soul, a ritualistic test on the threshold, a psychic and spiritual battle that culminates at the end within the Black Lodge. (Gyamtso, 2003)

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The Ultimate Esoteric Guide to Twin Peaks | Evolve + Ascend

If you’ve ever sensed the flimsy, thin veneer of what parades itself as the good ole US of A, and felt a bit like you’ve been sold a fake, then David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is a series you must see. More like an initiatory experience than a mere television series, Twin Peaks functions as a hilariously terrifying vision of the real America lurking in the seedy underworld beneath the façade of white picket fences, much like the picturesque severed ear on the beautiful lawn in his celebrated 1986 comedic horror, Blue Velvet. Twin Peaks might even properly be titled an esoteric dark satirical soap opera. There are countless reviews, essays and analyses of Lynch and Twin Peaks, but almost all miss the complex system of symbols and hidden meanings that relate directly to high level occultism.

Source: The Ultimate Esoteric Guide to Twin Peaks | Evolve + Ascend
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