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Apr 25, 2015 7:30 PM

TROLL 2 – Join us as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the best worst movies of all time!  The surprisingly troll-less town of Nilbog holds a green-colored secret that an unsuspecting (and unconvincing) family is about to uncover with the help of a ghostly relative.  Preceded by a celebratory feast with green-colored food, of course.

THE SKID KID – Everything Is Terrible! present a look back at “the hero of the ’90s”, The Skid Kid!  Unlisted on IMDb, this Missouri-shot no-budget actioner concerns a 16-year-old named Scooter Spielberg who finds a pair of RC Cola-fueled magical boots that grant him the ability to fight crime.  Rare and unusual; introduction by EIT’s Dimitri Simakis.

WHITE COP – Philadelphia Premiere of a film inspired by the low budget masterpieces that we all cherish.  Officer Kip White (Ben Kobold) is on a one-man mission to take down the European Cartel.  After witnessing one of the cartel’s thugs murder his best friend, White goes on a vengeance quest.  He’ll stop at nothing–not even the LAW–to find the cartel leaders and arrest them.  But there are obstacles in White’s path: the hot new street drug STAMP, plucky reporters, mysterious vigilantes, and even the Mayor of Chicago, Dennis (played by David Liebe Hart from Tim & Eric).

We’re going to keep the five additional features a surprise, but trust us, they’re all going to be a ton of fun with a crowd.  Well, all except the last one, which is one of the most difficult films we’ve ever seen…and we guarantee that even our local connoisseurs of bad cinema haven’t heard of at least two of these.  Certificates of achievement will be awarded to everyone that makes it through the whole event!

$17 advance, $22 door, no refunds or exchanges.

Cinedelphia Film Festival
April 9 – 25, 2015

531 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA  19123


Eraserhood Tonight > Tickets for Low Cut Connie (‘Hi Honey’ Album Release Show) with The Silks | Underground Arts at TicketWeb

Friday, Apr 24, 2015 8:00 PM EDT Doors
Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA
21 years and over

One sad night in New York City, Adam Weiner was playing “Stormy Weather” to twelve half-naked drunks at a drag karaoke bar called Pegasus. He had left New Jersey 10 years earlier with lofty hopes of artistic success in the Big Sexy Apple… and this salty dump is where he had landed and gotten stuck like a musical kidney stone. A small Asian man dressed as Diana Ross was finishing the last verse and segueing into “Sometimes When We Touch”, while Adam plunked the piano keys with bluesy relish.

Right at this moment, a thought occurred to Mr. Weiner. ”Why don’t I start the greatest rock n roll band this town has ever seen? Why don’t I titillate and massage the throbbing cultural masses in unknown ways? Why don’t I dream a new boogie for all of mankind?”  Instantly, the room started to spin with sensual visions and Elvis ambitions.  Barry Manillow whispered in his ear “DO IT!”.  The patrons all shook their stuff and tipped Mr. Weiner generously.  ”The slump was ending”, he felt.
The next morning, he called up his old buddy Dan “Swampmeat” Finnemore in Birmingham, England.  A couple years before, Adam and Dan had shared a urine-soaked stage in a gnarly UK warehouse and gotten stuck in a freight elevator for 4 hours with nothing but guitars and a duffel bag of booze. They had emerged brothers from across the pond.  When the phone rang, Dan was busy duct-taping his wounds after a night of heavy punkabilly brawling and low-brow impregnations.  He had screamed his head off and been spat on by rabid drunks and footballers.  Adam asked him if he wanted to turn their slumps around and light a mighty rock n roll flame.  Dan picked up his sticks and said “Fuck it, let’s get weird.  See you in 6 hours, fool.”

Shake It Little Tina (feat. adamscarpenters) – Low Cut Connie from Adam Carpenter on Vimeo.

Tickets for Low Cut Connie (‘Hi Honey’ Album Release Show) with The Silks | Underground Arts at TicketWeb.

Students brawl on SEPTA’s Broad Street Line |

Officials have released new information and video from a fight involving students on the Broad Street Line.

Source: Students brawl on SEPTA’s Broad Street Line |

Eraserhood Tonight > CFF: BEYOND CLUELESS Philadelphia Premiere

Apr 23, 2015 7:30 PM

Narrated by cult teen star Fairuza Balk, Beyond Clueless is a dizzying journey into the mind, body and soul of the teen movie, as seen through the eyes of over 200 modern coming-of- age classics.

Part adolescent fever dream, part roving visual essay, the film puts Hollywood’s high school under the microscope, on a quest to lay bare the genre’s beating heart. Is The Craft the ultimate teenage survival guide? Can Idle Hands shine a light on the horrors of pubescence? And what’s really going on beneath the skin of EuroTrip?

All will be revealed as Beyond Clueless leads viewers through Hollywood’s treacherous teen years and out the other side.

“Vibrant, funny and subversive Interpretative analysis at its most engaging and evocative.”  DAZED AND CONFUSED

‘Beyond Clueless deconstructs cliques, party scenes, and devirginations, while also serving as an irresistible guide to the best (and worst-best) teen movies ever’  NEW YORK MAGAZINE

$12 admission, no refunds or exchanges.

Cinedelphia Film Festival
April 9-25, 2015

531 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

CFF: BEYOND CLUELESS Philadelphia Premiere.

Eraserhood Tonoght > CFF: BLOODY KNUCKLES Philadelphia Premiere

Apr 22, 2015 7:30 PM

2015 Cinedelphia Film Festival presents

Wednesday, April 22, 7:30 PM
Philadelphia Premiere!
(2014, 83 min, Dir. Matt O’Mahoney)

Underground comic creator Travis pulls no punches with his gleefully offensive series Vulgarian Invasions, and unfortunately the wrong people are starting to take notice. While Travis has always reveled in pissing off the powers that be, his latest issue featuring local Chinatown crime boss, Leonard Fong, may finally convince him that his art could have dire consequences. After Fong and his goons remove the offending appendage, Travis’ right hand, the once vocal free speech proponent withdraws into a drunken haze, never to return to comics againuntil his disembodied hand comes back and decides the fight, on and off the page, has just begun!

Vancouver-based filmmaker Matt O’Mahoney is no stranger to PhilaMOCA audiences. His Fantastic Fest award-winning short Electric Fence screened at our notorious showing of the NAMBLA documentary Chickenhawk, while his follow-up short Adjust Tracking was a favorite of our quarterly Vivisections program (and is featured in our Best Of block here at CFF). Fans hoping he would bring the same kind of blood-drenched lunacy to his feature debut will be greatly rewarded, but Bloody Knuckles is more than just body-melts and zombie-hand hijinks. Gore, crude humor, and gay BDSM super heroes aside, Bloody Knuckles is a fierce rallying cry against those that try to stifle free expression through violent or political means, and a shining example of how ridiculously entertaining “harmful matter” can be. (MG)

Screening with the Philadelphia Premieres of:
Crow Hand!!!
Dir. Brian Lonano/3 minutes/USA
The mad bastards at Robot Hand are back with a cautionary tale involving a possessed crow totem in this recent selection of SXSW.

Bad Guy #2
Dir. Chris McInroy /10 minutes/USA
It ain’t easy being a bad guy, especially if you’re in the doomed position of Bad Guy #2. Chris McInroy’s practical effects-driven splatter comedy shines a spotlight on the usually overlooked martyrs of cinema.

$10 admission, no refunds or exchanges.

Cinedelphia Film Festival
April 9-25, 2015

531 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

CFF: BLOODY KNUCKLES Philadelphia Premiere.

Eraserhood Tonight › Special Callowhill Neighborhood Association Meeting

Eraserhood › Special Callowhill Neighborhood Association Meeting.

Eraserhood Tonight > CFF: ELEKTRO MOSKVA

Apr 21, 2015 7:30 PM

2015 Cinedelphia Film Festival and Lesser Gods present

Philadelphia Premiere!
(2013, 89 min, Dir. Dominik Spritzendorfer + Elena Tikhonova)
with post-screening live performances!

ELEKTRO MOSKVA [Electro Moscow] is an essayistic documentary about the Soviet electronic age and its legacy. The story begins with the inventor of the world’s first electronic instrument, Leon Theremin, unveiling the KGB’s huge pile of fascinating devices, some of which were musical. They all came into existence as a by-product of a rampant defense industry. Nowadays, those aged and abandoned ‘musical coffins’, as solidly made as a Kalashnikov, are being recycled and reinterpreted by the post-Soviet generations of musicians, sound collectors and circuit benders. The story of the Soviet synthesizers as an allegory to the everyday life under the Soviet system: nothing works, but you have to make the best out of it. An electronic fairy tale about the inventive spirit of the free mind inside the iron curtain- and beyond.

Post-screening live performances!

$10 admission, no refunds or exchanges.

Cinedelphia Film Festival
April 9-25, 2015

531 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123


Eraserhood Tonight > CFF: I AM THOR Philadelphia Premiere

Apr 20, 2015 7:30 PM

Jon Mikl Thor always wanted to be a superhero. At school he would wear a Superman outfit underneath his clothes and at recess have kids throw bricks at his head. Shortly after the wounds healed he got into bodybuilding and went on to win numerous titles including Mr. Canada and Mr. USA all before his 21st birthday. Jon combined his love of music, strength, and superheroes and created one of the first theatrical rock bands, Thor (based off the Norse legend). Voted one of the best front men of all time, Jon bends steel bars in his teeth, blows up hot water bottles with his lungs until they explode, and has bricks smashed on his chest. The band enjoyed modest success in the 80’s, mostly in Europe, but never quite made it big. After suffering a severe nervous breakdown in 1987 Jon retired from show business and moved to North Carolina with his wife to become a normal mortal human being. Ten years after retirement he attempts a comeback to finally achieve the success that had eluded him throughout his career. The film follows Thor on his comeback for over a decade as he searches for success in the rock and roll business. With Jon’s reluctance to hire a manager, he tries to manage himself, which leads to another nervous breakdown that nearly kills him.

$10 admission, no refunds or exchanges

Cinedelphia Film Festival
April 9-25

531 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

CFF: I AM THOR Philadelphia Premiere.

Tracing the Eraserhead Esthetic: Greystone Mansion

Eraserhood : Photo.

Eraserhood Tonight > CFF: BAG BOY LOVER BOY Philly Premiere

CFF: BAG BOY LOVER BOY Philly Premiere

Apr 19, 2015 8:30 PM

Albert, a graveyard shift hot dog vendor, lives on the fringes of society in NYC. He spends his nights serving questionable meat tubes to thankless urbanites and his days alone in his vile, cramped efficiency apartment. After a chance meeting with sleazy SoHo photographer, Ivan, Albert is sucked into the art world as Ivan attempts to exploit his unquestionably strange appearance and awkward demeanor. Upon seeing Ivan’s ability to control women with the power of the camera, Albert aspires to become a photographer in the hopes of winning the heart of troubled customer, Lexy. Following Ivan’s lead, his pictures tend to focus on sexual violence and the willful destruction of women. Despite his inability to take a single successful Polaroid, Albert soldiers on, intent on becoming the star photographer he recently decided he was born to be. Before long, he gets a bit carried away with his malevolently themed set-pieces, and the line between lurid art and real-life murder begins to blur. How will the girl of his dreams react to his newfound talent, and what will her fate be once the lens cap comes off?

Confidently directed by first-timer Andres Torres and featuring a breakthrough performance from Jon Wachter as Albert, Bag Boy Lover Boy is a pitch perfect, pitch-black satire skewering classism, misogyny, the NYC art world, and the very notion of exploitation itself. Amongst a landscape of cookie-cutter horror films and trite exploitation throwbacks, Bag Boy explodes off the screen and into your mouth in a way few cult/horror films have in recent years. (MG)

Screening with the Philadelphia Premiere of:
Hurricane Boy F You Tabarnack!
Dir. Ara Ball/14 minutes/Canada
Shot in B&W Super 16mm and set in 1991, HBFYT! follows the exploits of 11 year-old tyrant, bully, and aspiring tough-guy Delphis (AKA Hurricane), as he takes the world around him by storm. Featuring songs by The Circle Jerks, Unruled, and My Dog Popper.

$10 admission, no refunds or exchanges.

2015 Cinedelphia Film Festival
April 9-25, 2015

531 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

CFF: BAG BOY LOVER BOY Philly Premiere.