Eraserhood Forever 2021

Here are some more details for this year’s Eraserhood Forever event happening this Saturday:We will be closing off both ends of the Carlton Street tunnel to block light and lessen noise, attendees are to enter on the 11th Street side of the tunnel. Attendees can begin entering and taking their seats at 7:00 PM, DJ Woodsman will be playing Lynch-related tracks until 7:30 PM. Our faithful host Ben Velvet will open the evening with a trivia contest of some sort (three prize packs are available) and the screening of ERASERHEAD will begin around 8:00 PM. After-party is at The Trestle Inn, no cover prior to 10:00 PM, Eraserhood attendees get 20% off their bills.The event poster below by Rob Weychert will be available to purchase on the night-of in limited quantities.There are currently less than 25 tickets remaining, available here: