As we told you previously, the plan for this parcel is a large, multi-family building, with what we believe to be ten units. Parking for the building will be located in the basement, which has been dug out to accomodate ten cars. Harman Deutsch has done the design work for the project, and was kind enough to supply a rendering. What do people think?

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About Oasis (RHD)

Oasis (RHD) is a studio art and life skills program staffed by artists that nurtures the talents, skills, and creativity of individuals living with mental illness and/or intellectual disabilities. We offer programs and services that support people with developmental and intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for employment, community connections, and personal development through the arts. Oasis (RHD) is a part of its parent company Resources for Human Development.  

The Benefits of Our Project: The Shoe In

Every pair of shoes brings with it an opportunity and benefits for the members of the Oasis (RHD) community to study:

  1. Formal academics in a venue that uses the arts to communicate foundational cognitive adaptive skills needed to increase independence. 
  2. Concrete participation in collaboration and planning
  3. Support for development in ‘activities of daily living’ (ADL) 
  4. Opportunity to develop an understanding of Empathy
  5. Participation in the regional art community through exhibitions and partnerships with established innovative artists and institutions.    

Help Us Raise Our Game

The Oasis (RHD) community is seeking investment and support in the Shoe In to raise funds, social empathy and awareness for some of our society’s most vulnerable and valueable citizens. Your investment will help create both sustainability and continuity of essential programming for the voices of these Outsider Artists. 

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Philly has been the home of numerous people who’ve gone on to be famous over the years. Whether known for working in front of or behind the camera, at the end of the day all of them just need to relax. Here are 11 Philadelphia celebrities [including David Lynch] along with their favorite drinks.

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On the cusp of Philadelphia’s alt-folk trio, Norwegian Arms’ all ages show at PhilaMOCA on March 8th, the band is set the release a series of three new live-session videos via a collaboration project between Seven Knots Productions and Brighton Sound Studios.

Norwegian Arms is the alt-folk powerhouse of Brendan Mulvihill, Andy Molholt and Eric Slick. Their most recent album release, Wolf Like A Stray Dog was inspired by Mulvihill’s time in Russia. The album marks a sonic shift in both the live set and recorded music–a rich and melodically bold take on Norwegian Arms’ former iterations.

Tim Harris, Director and chief of Seven Knots Productions, recently invited Geekadelphia to a behind-the-scenes look at their live session video at Brighton Sound Studio in North Wales, PA.

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Divine LorraineDivine Lorraine and Auto TagDivineDivine Lorraine

Divine Lorraine, a set by Prof. Jas. Mundie on Flickr.

Copyright © James G. Mundie. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Via Flickr:
This building — a sadly neglected but majestic landmark in North Philadelphia — was the first high-rise apartment building (10 stories!) in Philadelphia, designed by Willis Hale in the early 1890s. At the turn of the 20th century it was purchased by a large hotel company, and designated the Lorraine Hotel. Then in the late 1940’s, Father Divine of The Universal Peace Mission Movement bought the building and rechristened it with it’s current nom d’hotel.

Although operated by Universal Peace, the Divine Lorraine was open to those outside the movement, so long as they respected the rules of conduct during their stay. The Divine Lorraine was the first fully racially integrated hotel in Philadelphia, so it’s quite a literal landmark for the civil rights movement.

Several years ago a developer/speculator gutted the hotel of any decorative and useful interior architectural odds and ends that could be sold. The property was supposed to be turned into luxury condos (as seems to be the fate of any interesting historical building in this city that escapes the wrecking ball), but that deal fell through and the building has been sitting neglected and forlorn, falling into disrepair and acquiring a new collection of graffiti.

Rumor now has it that the building may be torn down due to problems with its foundation and the high value of the adjacent lot — which would be a sad day indeed for the city of Philadelphia.

I have been drawn to photograph this building on many occasions.

You can see Library of Congress archive photographs of the interior of the building while it was still actively in use here.

[Of course, the story has changed yet again since Professor Mundie wrote this text. Today we are anticipating the first real likelihood that this major landmark is finally about to be restored.]

It’s hard to say exactly when it happened.

It could’ve been during one of the 100+ shows STRFKR played over the past two years—ecstatic sold-out dance parties that started in tiny, sweaty rooms before word of mouth spread and forced a move to larger (and even sweatier) venues.

It might’ve been when touring guitarist Patrick Morris officially became a full-time member in late 2011, rounding out a line-up that included multi-instrumentalists Josh Hodges, Shawn Glassford, and Keil Corcoran.

Most likely, though, there wasn’t a single defining moment when the change occurred. With evolution there rarely is.

(Find out what “it” is at: Union Transfer | Philadelphia Music Venue » Starfucker – Tickets – Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA – March 14th, 2013)