Vote for Trestle Inn in Best of Philly 2012

Best of Philly 2012Taking a cue from our friends over at West Philly Local, I would like to point out we have an Eraserhood business up for a Best of Philly 2012 award: Trestle Inn was nominated in the City Brunch category.

You can help  Trestle Inn win by casting your votes on this page. You can come back and vote daily until Monday, May 21. The awards will be announced in Philadelphia Magazine’s August issue.

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The phrase “hulking building” is often used when describing Philadelphia’s former industrial structures, grand abandoned hotels, and so on. Yet perhaps there is one huge/forsaken/troubled building that best exemplifies what a hulking building is in Philly: the Willow Street Steam Generation Plant.

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Thanks again to Rudy Karsan, CEO of Kenexa, for sharing this blog with an international audience.

Extra thanks to all my co-workers in our little Kenexa office here in the Wolf Building in the Eraserhood, for everything!

I went running out on the eye beam because I saw this shot. And my friends were like, ‘They were right about you!’” Veronika Schmude is an urban explorer who loves to takes risks to get a great photo. Veronika asked DoN to help her hang her show at Apple Jacks Studio at 319 North 11th St, 4th Floor, Philadelphia, the arts building near Vine Street, it’s flattering to be asked for artistic advise, especially in a hot art spot like the Khmer Building with Vox Populi and Tiger Strikes Asteroid. We decided to arrange the work formally with an even eyesight line with some quirky informal arrangement of the smaller pieces mixed in. With the broad spectrum lighting Veronika installed and the industrial loft vibe of the gallery, the photographs looked perfectly amazing.

There are almost 1,700 new apartments in nine buildings set to come on the market in Center City and its environs this year and next, according to industry data. Among them are the 163 units being created out of the shell of the Goldtex building, which overlooks the Reading Viaduct as it makes its curve toward Center City. Goldtex, built in 1908 as a ladies shoe factory, is a sustainable project designed by Kling Stubbins and developed by Matt and Mike Pestronk of Post Brothers. It will have a restaurant and a cafe at street level.