Union protests have become more common in the city as the flagging economy has increased unemployment in the construction trade. Non-union sites that normally would have been too small to be worth protesting, like the Milkboy Cafe at 12th and Chestnut, have become targets. The Goldtex site was simply too big to pass up. Picketers appeared at 12th and Wood as well as a separate Post Brothers development on Rittenhouse Street in Germantown that had been under construction with a mixed crew.

(via At Goldtex, Union Dominance In Construction Called Into Question | Hidden City Philadelphia)

I love how this piece of artwork evokes traditional urban architectures while still completely exhibiting a radiant new look. I’d love to see something of this caliber — that speaks equally well of our history and of our modern vibrancy — here in the Eraserhood. Maybe along the Viaduct park, when that finally happens?


Watertower by Tom Fruin

Beginning June 7th, the tower will be lit from within by digitally-controlled light sequences playing from dusk till morning for a full year. A welcome addition to Brooklyn’s skyline,Watertower will be visible from Lower Manhattan, FDR Drive, and the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges at night”

Can’t wait to see this.