Railway Station. photogravure. 1939.

so excited about “Léger: Modern Art and the Metropolis” opening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art! “As the first painter to take as his idiom the imagery of the Machine Age, and to make the objects of consumer society the subjects of his paintings, Léger has been called a progenitor of Pop art.” Machine Age brought to the world by Philadelphia, Pa, of course!


Mega Feast On Mini Pearl Street | Hidden City Philadelphia


One exercise asked users for their favorite memories in the neighborhood — and what they called it | Photo: Bradley Maule

Half a block north of Vine Street, neighbors of the neighborhood with many names got a taste of the future at a massive block party and feast on Saturday. The transformation of Pearl Street into a ribbon community space—driven by Asian Arts Initiative (AAI) and landscape architect Walter Hood—seemed less a far off vision and more a fast tracked reality, as hundreds came out for a block party featuring music, art (featuring by AAI and neighboring Vox Populi), Hot Tea, and the centerpiece feast.

Mega Feast On Mini Pearl Street | Hidden City Philadelphia.

Exploring Philadelphia’s Abandoned Subway Stations | Streets Dept


Closed in 1989 due to low ridership and safety concerns after nearly 60 years in service, SEPTA’s Spring Garden Street Station on the Broad-Ridge Spur is now an abandoned mecca for graffiti artists and urban explorers alike, who are arguably the only people showing the old station any love.

Exploring Philadelphia’s Abandoned Subway Stations | Streets Dept.