Local Horrors: New Films by Johnny Dickie and Jack Mulvanerty

Wednesday, December 13 at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Since 2012, Johnny Dickie and Jack Mulvanerty have been making independent films all over PA, leaving a trail of fake blood wherever they go. From SLAUGHTER TALES (2012), CREEPS: A TALE OF MURDER AND MAYHEM (2013), CITY OF THE DREAM DEMONS (2014) till present day, the two continue to work on projects and experiment more and more with new genres and techniques. These three short films showcase the duo’s recent individual and collaborative efforts.

“The Reel American Tragedy”
(Dir. Johnny Dickie, 2015, 25 minutes)
Two dimwitted brothers with aspirations of becoming low budget filmmakers set out to make their new masterpiece. Things quickly fall apart for the duo as broken equipment, on-set accidents, a tone-deaf composer and interpersonal drama plague their production at every turn. A semi-autobiographical mockumentary detailing the struggles and lunacy behind the scenes of no-budget filmmaking.

(Dir. Jack Mulvanerty, 2017, 28 minutes)
A man wastes away in a bizarre prison, reflecting on his dark and mysterious past. The events leading up to his imprisonment unfold, his warped mission is revealed as he forges his violent and righteous destiny to either salvation or eternal torment. Heaven is one in Hell.
Taking over a year to complete, Piety is a nihilistic, experimental love letter to arthouse films and extreme horror.

“Keith Loves Ava”
(Dir. Johnny Dickie, 2017, 45 minutes)
Keith, a young man living by himself in the suburbs of Wayne, PA begins documenting his life and others around him for a documentary. The focus of his film quickly changes to his infatuation with Ava, one of the few people he feels treats him kindly. When Keith finds out Ava has a boyfriend, his life, and the intended narrative of his film begin to fall apart. At his wits end, he makes a final attempt to win Ava back. A psychological thriller with flashes of dark comedy throughout, Keith Loves Ava is shows you a character’s breakdown as he desperately tries to turn his life into the narrative of a film.

Doors 7:00 / Movie 7:30 / $5 admission

531 N. 12th Street

Source: Local Horrors: New Films by Johnny Dickie and Jack Mulvanerty