Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society – January meeting #2

Monday, January 30 at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society

Programmed by PPFS member Ren Clark who has chosen to reveal the title ahead of time, 1985’s STATIC, directed by future music video heavyweight Mark Romanek. According to THE PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO GUIDE: Keith Gordon stars as an orphan electronics whiz who works at a crucifix factory. He invents a TV that receives pictures from Heaven. Bob Gunston is the evangelist cousin waiting for the “big one”. Amanda Plummer and Barton Heyman are also in the comedy drama. The soundtrack features Elvis, Eno, and others. Gordon also directed THE CHOCOLATE WAR.

We are the most informal of film clubs, providing free screenings of cult/weirdo/B-movie fare, meeting on the second and final Monday of every month at PhilaMOCA for one full movie and maybe a short or two. Sometimes the film will be a surprise, other times it’ll be announced ahead of time. Everyone who joins up gets a say in future screenings. You become an official member after signing in at three meetings and are rewarded with a cool enamel pin of the PPFS logo. BYOB is encouraged as is the Psychotronic Film Society way.

The Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society is officially sanctioned by Brian Thomas, Propaganda Minister of the Sinister for Chicago’s Psychotronic Film Society.

WARNING: The content of what we’ve come to know as psychotronic films runs the gamut from talking dogs to violent assaults. There will always be a warning of some sort on all PPFS event pages. Sometimes the programmer will choose to be revealing and detailed about the content of their selection in advance, sometimes it will be a simple warning regarding the possibility of extreme content. In the latter case, it is wisest for those who will possibly be offended by extreme subject matter to err on the side of caution.

Free admission
Doors 7, Movie 7:30

531 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Source: Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society – January meeting #2