Jaye Bartell / Eric Slick / Lina Tullgren / Damian Weber

January 15, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

JAYE BARTELL (Captured Tracks) / ERIC SLICK (Dr. Dog, Lithuania) / LINA TULLGREN (Captured Tracks) / DAMIAN WEBER
Doors 7:30, Show 8:00
$10 admission

Jaye Bartell
Born in Massachusetts, Jaye Bartell moved to Asheville, NC, in the early 2000s where he began playing music among friends as a parallel activity to his work with poetry and other writing. Writing was his main focus for most of a decade; a time that involved constant traveling and moving around the U.S., mostly between North Carolina and the Pacific NW, where he lived on a small island in northern Washington.

After moving to Buffalo, NY, in 2006, he found the company of the writers and musicians of House Press, a publishing collective made up of friends from Buffalo and Chicago that produced small-edition handmade books and home-recorded albums. He released his first album, Feeling Better, Pilgrim, in 2008, after musician/writer Damian Weber taught him how to record. The album incorporated live incidental sounds (wind, chimes, traffic, birds), some of which were manipulated and processed as loops, but emphasized vocal melody and lyrics above all. A typical performance from this time included guitar and voice accompanied by a portable turntable that played field recordings of bird song, ocean waves, wind and other incidental sounds.

He moved back to Asheville in 2009 and recorded The Dog’s Dinner, which departed from the solo, self-production of his earlier work, and initiated the collaboration among Bartell and other area musicians, especially guitarist and composer Shane Parish of Ahleuchatistas. He collaborated with a number of visual artists in Asheville as well, including Ursula Gullow and Nathanael Roney, who have illustrated a number of Bartell’s albums and continue to influence his songwriting. Bartell continued to write, record, and perform intensively in Asheville for the next few years with Parish and other musicians, although most of the recorded output came from live performances.

The years 2012 and 2013 saw the releases of Elation, an EP recorded with J Seger, and Loyalty, a full-band record featuring Parish, Seger, and Emily Easterly, followed by a 2014 UK tour with like-minded troubadour, Angel Olsen.

Bartell’s move to Brooklyn, NY, in 2013, as well as the work of Spalding Gray and Eileen Myles, heavily influence the content presented on his latest record, Light Enough. In his own words, “Resettlement is an implicit theme in much of the writing, and the process of making the album was an act of resettlement: finding out where I lived as a means of coming to live there.” The record as a whole takes as a kind of informal credo a line from Eileen Myles’ Chelsea Girls: “I have waited all my life for permission. I feel it growing in my breast. A war is storming and it is behind me and I am moving my forces into light.

Lina Tullgren
Lina Tullgren is a Maine born songwriter with an eye and an ear for darkness. And the light. Sometimes it’s quiet, but sometimes it’s loud. When you grow up in the trenches of classical music and then, down the line, you learn about traditional fiddle music and old work songs, you can get burnt out on everything after a while. So, then you buy an electric guitar and start to write songs. If you aren’t trying to be anything or anyone in particular; the songs that result are in their own way, raw, sincere and unique.

This signing sees a re-release of Lina’s cassette Wishlist, an EP that was recorded in October 2015 with childhood musical partner, Ty Ueda. Two years after Lina wrote its opening track, a slow burner rock ballad, “Watchdog,” the pair got together and recorded five tracks over the course of a few days on Ty’s Tascam 388 at his house in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. They make a good team: with Ty being a manic perfectionist and Lina something like the opposite of a perfectionist. Because fuck being perfect. They can agree on a love of tape wobble and the integrity of songs that are, at a glance, strangely structured and honest. They’re atmospheric and sad, but they’re also hopeful. With songs that are never overtly planned, but instead felt and written in a stream of consciousness whenever the mood strikes. It was important to capture the pure energy and feeling of songs that can hit you where you feel, but you might not know it right at that moment. Like when you cry, but you don’t know why you’re crying. Or, when you smile and someone comes up to you and remarks at your grin and you didn’t even know you were grinning. Like that.

Damian Weber
damian has a ton of books of poems and albums, all self-released, and is a bit of a sleeper hit among his friends only. If you ask him he will give you his new poetry book, “The Fog,” or his new album, “earnest kid.” He is super excited to be playing this tour with such great people who make such great music because he usually stays at home on his computer all day, having given up on the creature row. Here’s his most recent album, a 2 song single, on Steak & Cake records.

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Source: Jaye Bartell / Eric Slick / Lina Tullgren / Damian Weber