Eraserhood Friday!

Neil Breen’s Pass Thru – Philadelphia Premiere

July 29 @ 7:30 pm9:30 pm UTC-4


531 N 12th St.

PhiladelphiaPA 19123 United States


PhilaMOCA is overjoyed to present the Philly Premiere of the latest film from cult filmmaker sensation Neil Breen (Fateful Findings), Pass Thru film! This is a one-night-only screening! Artificial Intelligence from far into the future arrives to immediately CLEANSE the human species of millions of humans who are harmful to other humans. A VISIONARY, REVOLUTIONARY FILM which pushes the human species to the limits of controversial, thought-provoking actions. Trailer: Doors at 7, Movie at 7:30 Admission is $11…

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Li Daiguo & Rick Parker Duo//Fursaxa

July 29 @ 8:00 pm11:00 pm UTC-4

Vox Populi,

319 N 11th Street

PhiladelphiaPA 19107 United States


Fire Museum Presents : Li Daiguo/Rick Parker duo & Fursaxa Li Daiguo/Rick Parker Duo: Li Daiguo is one of the leading figures in China’s experimental and traditional music communities. Within the past decade, he has carved out a singular niche that few others occupy, that of skilled improvisational artist (he has a reputation for leaving jaws on the floor, layman and critic alike), musical polymath (proficient at a dozen different instruments alongside throat-singing and beatboxing) and dynamic live performer known…

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Knife Party at District N9NE

July 29 @ 8:30 pm2:00 am UTC-4

District N9NE,

460 N 9th St

PhiladelphiaPA 19123 United States


One of the biggest and baddest acts in all of dance music, Knife Party have owned charts, dance floors and festival stages alike since their unveiling in 2011. From their legendary roots w/ Pendulum to a who’s who of dance music elite (incl. Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia, deadmau5 and Hardwell) kicking down their door for collabs; Knife Party are firmly planted as one of the electronic world’s most in-demand artists. This show will sell out. Buy your tickets meow. Disco…

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LOVE in the Afternoon Love in the Eraserhood by Bob Bruhin Via…

Love in the Eraserhood

Between the beautiful weather, the Backyard Barbecue at The Trestle Inn (featuring sidewalk burlesque by Bella Tricks), and the “Sweet Lovin'” Proposition Tent sponsored by Fringe Arts, Philadelphia’s post-industrial “Eraserhood” neighborhood was filled with light, love, and beauty this lovely July First Friday.

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Source: LOVE in the Afternoon Love in the Eraserhood by Bob Bruhin Via…

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The Story of Frank L. Rizzo Amateur Night at City Hall filmmaker in attendance

Thursday, July 28 at 7:30 PM

Filmmaker Robert Mugge in attendance!

This documentary on Philadelphia’s most polarizing mayor of modern times was filmed throughout 1977 and ran for two weeks at the Walnut Mall Cinemas during the blizzard of early 1978. Although the film was released before Rizzo’s controversial assault on radical group MOVE, it chronicles attacks he ordered on Black Panthers and on young people lounging in Rittenhouse Square, his failed polygraph test, and his routinely tough talk (“I’m gonna make Attila the Hun look like a faggot”). The film’s primary theme is “politics as show business,” and it includes many amateur musical performances from South Philadelphia’s Triangle Tavern. Among the many interviewees are broadcast journalists Andrea Mitchell and Larry Kane and stripper Blaze Starr who discusses her reputed affair with the self-proclaimed family man.

$10 admission
Doors 7, Movie 7:30

Screening as part of PhilaMOCA’s DNCinema series of politically-minded movies.

Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society presents DNCinema, surprise film, free admission
DNCinema presents EARLY WARNING (1981), free admission!
Idiocracy (2006) presented by DNCinema (2006), $10 admission

531 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Source: The Story of Frank L. Rizzo Amateur Night at City Hall filmmaker in attendance