Eraserhead’s The Lady in the Radiator to headline PhilaMOCA’s 2015 ERASERHOOD FOREVER event featuring Northern Arms | TheKey

You should attend PhilaMOCA’s annual ERASERHOOD FOREVER celebration of all things David Lynch.

Featuring ten-piece band led by singer-songwriter Keith Richard Peirce, Northern Arms incorporates dark imagery with folk, gospel, and gothic Americana.

Yes, it’s a thing. Yes, it’s awesome.

Source: Eraserhead’sTheLadyintheRadiatortoheadlinePhilaMOCA’s2015ERASERHOODFOREVERevent|TheKey

The Eraserhood Forever: PhilaMOCA is looking for your David Lynch-inspired art – Night Flight

From paintings of your favorite “Twin Peaks” characters to papier-mâché’d nitrous tanks, the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art is looking for anything that celebrates the filmography of David Lynch. PhilaMOCA will be hosting the fourth annual installment of ‘The Eraserhood Forever‘ — a Lynch-themed evening of art, music, and performance, celebrating of the work of […]

Source: The Eraserhood Forever: PhilaMOCA is looking for your David Lynch-inspired art – Night Flight

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This was a vision, fresh and clear as a mountain stream, the mind revealing itself to itself. In my vision, I was on the veranda of a vast estate, a palazzo of some fantastic proportion. There seemed to emanate from it a light from within, this gleaming, radiant marble. I'd known this place. I had in fact been born and raised there. This was my first return. A reunion with the deepest well-springs of my being. Wandering about, I noticed happily that the house had been immaculately maintained. There'd been added a number of additional rooms, but in a way that blended so seamlessly with the original construction, one would never detect any difference. Returning to the house's grand foyer, there came a knock at the door. My son was standing there. He was happy and carefree, clearly living a life of deep harmony and joy. We embraced, a warm and loving embrace, nothing withheld. We were, in this moment, one. My vision ended and I awoke with a tremendous feeling of optimism and confidence in you and your future. That was my vision of you. I'm so glad to have had this opportunity to share it with you. I wish you nothing but the very best in all things. #thejoker #thinkaboutthefuture #jacknicholson #twinpeaks #eraserhood #firewalkwithme #donsdavis #theredjoker

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