Changes to the Plans at 9th & Spring Garden | Naked Philly

At 9th & Spring Garden, next door to Traffic Court, sits a building that was once a FedEx terminal. For awhile, it held flea markets and it may still do so, we’re honestly not sure. The building sits on a huge lot, covering almost 2.5 acres, which is certainly appropriate considering its previous use. But a new use could be in store for this property, one that would be consistent with the changes we’ve seen to the northeast in Northern Liberties and to the northwest in West Poplar.The propertyView from the eastBack in the fall of 2012, we told you about plans to put a three-story addition on the property and create sixty-six apartments. The first floor was to remain as exhibition space and we expected that flea markets would continue at this address. But clearly nothing has happened as the years have rolled along. Earlier this year, we heard rumblings of a new plan for the property- a four-story addition, 140 apartments, 127 parking spots, and six separate commercial spaces. That’s quite a bit more density and it also suggests that flea markets are not in the building’s future. The project went before the PCDC in April but it’s been continued twice at the ZBA.

Source: Changes to the Plans at 9th & Spring Garden | Naked Philly