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Exerpt from TanKMutation VJ Set & Lydia Lunch’Dust & Shadow Performance at Flux Club Barcelona from Elise Passavant on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 1, 2014
Lydia Lunch performs DUST AND SHADOWS
Doors at 7:30, Program at 8:00
$15 advance, $17 day-of, no refunds or exchanges.

About Lydia Lunch:
Lydia Lunch refused the confines of a formal education, opting instead to establish herself as a No Wave musician in New York City in 1976.

An independent artist prolific in music, literature, film, video and photography, she has performed as well as taught workshops at numerous Universities, Museums and Art Festivals for three decades and continues to explore new mediums in which to express her passion and creativity. Lydia Lunch was voted by Timeout New York as one of the most influential performers originating from NYC and has worked with dozens of other renegades including Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, Karen Finley, Richard Kern and Hubert Selby Jr.

About Dust and Shadows:
Dust and Shadows is a unique combination of otherworldly textures, images and sound set to themes, which deal lyrically with loss, rage, revenge and survival.
Haunting images of the numerous ghost towns littered throughout the Spanish desert and the lost lovers whose mysterious specter seem to forever stalk the abandoned ruins and empty rooms create a gorgeous backdrop of atmospheric layers. Psycho ambient soundscapes further the dynamic musicality of Lydia’s lyrical poetry and hypnotic voice.
Lydia Lunch is a shape shifting gypsy nomad who has uprooted her life to nurture her art twenty times in the past 35 years.

Whether in search of inspiration or to work with a wide variety of collaborators, she has lived in New York City. Brooklyn, New Orleans, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and London.

She has traveled to over 656 cities performing music and spoken word shows in clubs, theaters and museums. For the past 8 years she has been based in Barcelona Spain, taking inspiration from the desert and the hundreds of abandoned ghost towns, especially the immense ruins of the Civil War Battle at Belchite.

Elise Passavant is a filmmaker, editor, photographer, VJ and video manipulator who employs a variety of film and still cameras, as well as the occasional pirating and sampling images. By melding found and filmed images together using textural post-production techniques, she creates a sensual visual poetry uniquely her own.
From December of 2011 until August of 2012, Lydia Lunch and Elise Passavant roamed remote locations in Soria, Spain to document the faded beauty of its many lost villages. This transformational journey laid the foundation for the collaboration Dust and Shadows.

531 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Lydia Lunch performs DUST AND SHADOWS.