An Oasis for the challenged –


Lucy Pistilli, an instructor and exhibitions coordinator at the Oasis Art Center, shows Alonzo Humphrey one of his drawings before hanging it on the wall. (RON TARVER / Staff Photogapher)


By Ilene Raymond Rush, For The Inquirer
Posted: November 03, 2013

You’d recognize the faces: mob boss Tony Soprano, chemistry teacher-turned-meth-chef Walter White, and everyone’s favorite dad, Homer Simpson.

You may not recognize the name of the artist, Peter Somenshein, 28, of Narberth. But with his forthcoming solo show at the Oasis Art Center, that, too, may change.

“It’s been really cool working with Peter,” says Maggie Mills, one of the artists who instruct aspiring talents at Oasis in North Philadelphia. “He’s made amazing progress in the time he’s been here.”

An Oasis for the challenged –