To many Philadelphians, the Callowhill area is simply “the Erasorhood”. Back in the late 60’s, a young painting student at PAFA named David Lynch lived here as he made the transition to short films. Years later as he was making his first film out in Hollywood, the surrealist horror film “Eraserhead”, David used his memories of living among the factories and empty warehouses to forge his setting. PhilaMOCA commissioned [artist Evan Cairo to create] a mural of Henry Spencer, the doomed protagonist of “Eraserhead,” painted above their gallery. These days Callowhill has seen many of those empty building of the past transition to new condos, art galleries and music halls, while David has gone on to make such hits as “The Elephant Man”, “Blue Velvet” and “Twin Peaks”. Photo by Guest Instagrammer @chuckseye PhilaMOCA

(via Photo by visitphilly • Instagram)