Flinching Eye Collective

Presented by Vox Populi Gallery

May 25, 2013

Flinching Eye Collective is a group of interdisciplinary media artists who’s body of work, while distinct, concurrently explores sound-based, interactive performances and video art. The F.E.C. formed in Colorado in 2011. Since June of 2012 we have migrated to different parts of the US. We utilize a touring structure similar to bands, but within the performance art context. Through this distinctive format we are able to gather interest and excitement from communities, in turn creating an atmosphere of curiosity and enthusiasm as opposed to assumption and apathy. Our exhibitions are multi-faceted, whether they are differing live performances, video, sound pieces, or some hybrid.

(via Flinching Eye Collective | Vox Populi Gallery | AUX Performance Space | FREE | Phillyfunguide.com)