Uncanny Visions 3 : Dynasty Handbag & Films!
Public · By Vox Populi and AUX Performance Space
$5-7 sliding scale donation
5.11.13 // 8:30pm
AUX Performance Space

This Second Saturday program will feature a special performance by Dynasty Handbag accompanied by films from Jesse McLean, Kent Lambert, Ivan Lozano, Sadie Benning, Dani Leventhal, and Frederic Moffet.

Dynasty Handbag (performance by Jibz Cameron)

Jesse McLean – Magic for Beginners, 2010, 21m

Kent Lambert -Fantasy Suite, 2009, 7m
and Security Anthem, 2003, 4m

Ivan Lozano (w John Neff) – Book of the Tumblr on Fire, 7m

Sadie Benning -Me and Rubyfruit, 1989, 5m

Dani Leventhal – 17 New Dam Road, 2012, 8m

Frederic Moffet – PostFace, 2011, 7m

Curated by Catherine Pancake, Uncanny Visions is a series combining the lush private darkness of micro-cinema with the visceral charge of live cutting-edge performance art. The series takes inspiration from the concept of the uncanny, hoping to attract an audience who is drawn to the unfamiliar ready to take a few risks and participate in our communal unheimlich. Experimental cinema has a long historical engagement with the uncanny, crisscrossing psychoanalysis, altered states of mind, and visual illusion. Performance art’s obsession with the body and its extension through technology celebrates the flesh becoming art object and the anthropomorphism of the machine. Each Uncanny Vision event will join a program of experimental film with an original conceptual performance from national and internally renowned artists.

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