Featuring 40 programs and almost 100 screenings at theaters throughout the city and greater Philadelphia area, the Cinedelphia Film Festival was created three years ago to—you guessed from the name, right?—showcase films related to the City of Brotherly Love. For the next three-plus weeks, local cinephiles can expect to see not only everything from documentaries, new films from around the world and cult classics, but there’ll be a number of wonderfully weird parties going on around the city at which to watch said movies. Like, say, an ‘80s shindig at PhilaMOCA coinciding with a horror movie double-feature: Blades and Girls School Screamers, both grindhouse flicks about, respectively, lawnmower mutilation and girls hunted down in a remote house. Or there’s the 1991 Kathryn Bigalow-directed, Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves-starring crime thriller Point Break, which will feature accompanying surf rock music from the White Caps.

(via Cinedelphia Film Festival | Events | Philadelphia Weekly)