Brooklyn/Amarcord “Ama” Philly Launch with Andrea Pianini

Public · By Alla Spina Philly

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Garrett Oliver is well-known as a scholar of all things beer-related, and also as an avid traveler. His sojourns to Italy over the years helped him develop a rapport with one of Italy’s most exciting brewpubs, Amarcord. They decided to make a few beers together, and luckily for us they’re debuting them to the Philly market in the spring!

Two beers will hit Philly by way of Alla Spina on April 2nd: Bionda and Bruna. We’ll be offering discounted bottles all night and each one will come with a complimentary food pairing. 

Andrea Pianini from the brewery will be with us from 6pm – 9pm, specials run all night!

(via Brooklyn/Amarcord “Ama” Philly Launch with Andrea Pianini)